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  • I highly recommend Origin Learning Solutions to any organization needing an online community portal or LMS deployment to consolidate, package, and share training materials.The end product is straightforward and easy to use and I expect it to be well-received, both in the partner community and at company headquarters
    Latha Sethuraman, Blue Coat
  • I think your team has knocked this out of the park. This is really well done. I cannot wait to see the remainder of the course
  • In my over 10 yrs of experience putting up Academies and Training Departments that include Learning Management Systems, I have not found a team so dedicated than Origin. Origin was with me as we dreamed, experimented, challenged the status quo, and eventually provided the best learning experience for our employees. To my mind, the Origin team has ceased to become a learning vendor, but has become a learning partner. I am very happy to be working with such a fantastic team!
    Mark Relova, EWS


Mobile Learning case study
Okay, so device-agnostic content is the talk of the town. It has to be. With umpteen devices of all kinds releasing every other day, it is almost impossible (and very,

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What is device-agnostic content? To put it simply, content that is device independent is device agnostic. Initially when devices (PCs, laptops and even mobiles were more or less similar in their

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Social learning and mobile learning have a lot in common. After all, what do we use mobiles mostly for? Communication, right? Instant messaging, e-mails, texts, social media interactions- all of